LM Premier Academy is delighted to announce a Partnership with Cosmo Soccer International (CIFA).

CIFA, led by Manchester United Scout Russell Hullett, is one of the best organizations for European football Player Development, having helped to place over 90 players into Pro Academies. 

This partnership will allow for year-round Talent Identification of our LM Premier Academy players in Canada & Europe, providing a clear evaluation and an age specific pathway for boys & girls.

LM Premier players will have the opportunity to become part of the CIFA International Training Program, & train alongside other identified players from both the UK & Norway.

CIFA will have LM Premier Academy as its main Canadian partner, and together, will work closely with players, parents & staff to provide seminars and educational sessions throughout the year.

We will continually share best practices & coaching curriculums with CIFA, allowing us to grow our programs and ensure that our sessions are of the highest calibre for everyone associated.


CIFA will be in Toronto to work with our Academy players this Summer & to conduct a Summer Camp for Boys & Girls aged 7-16 at Centennial Park August 20th-24th 


We can’t wait to get started & ensure the quality we provide only gets better.

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