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Mission Statement

BETTER is possible

LM Premier is here to assist Players and Families with guidance and relevant education within the game to ensure that players unlock their true potential and learn in an environment that will challenge them and encourage them to implement standards in their everyday life.

Canada Soccer

"The Journey's better than the end"

LM Premier 


LM Premier provides focus on both the individual player and the team development - One will not work without the other.

The development pathway will consist of three main components: Grassroots 4-12, Youth Development 13-17 and the Individual Development programs for all ages of development.

Our Aim is:

1. To Provide the best & honest player education for players 4-12 in the GTA.

2 Assist with Talent identification for player selection from the age of 13/14 into higher programs across the GTA.

3. Player development and education in a professional environment.

Encourage players and teams to dominate the ball, and to be better in every situation.

LM Premier will not play games based on specific systems but instead encourage players to be tactically flexible and creative in various systems.

Academy programs will focus on a complete player education which provides every player an identity, leadership, development, encourages good lifestyle choices, and the importance of giving back to their community.

Producing that game changing player requires a specific process and environment.

We are very much concerned with different cognitive factors including working memory, breadth of attention, perceptual load, anticipation, perception and motivation.

LM Premier provides an individualized approach to motivate players in every aspect of their education.

Goal of LM Premier Coaching:

To prepare players for their future game, as this will look different for each player. 

LM Premier Coaching believes in developing decision makers and problem solvers through embracing the chaos.

LM Premier believes it's our job to provide the best opportunities for all players by providing a better environment for players to learn by welcoming families into our environment and treating all with respect, whilst carrying out our duty of care to young people.

"Under Lee, training became a place for me to express myself, while developing and learning different skills and techniques. The environment he created at each training session allowed all of his players to enjoy their soccer, while being focused on the task at hand". Noah J

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